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'Songs and Games Phonics' is a 2 book phonics course for children (Book 2 available early 2019) written and designed to be used as both a stand-alone phonics course book, or used as supplementary phonics content for classes when using an existing course book. The course has been written by best selling author, David Paul, illustrated beautifully for children by Bill Borella and features 28 captivating songs (2 songs for each unit of the book) written for children by children's songs specialists, Fun Kids English.

Here you can take a look through the book, listen to samples of songs from the book and download our huge range of support materials for the book.

The aim of 'Songs and Games Phonics' is to fully integrate learning with play and music so that children are immersed in the acquisition of reading, writing and pronunciation skills. The children start by learning the basic vowels, then consonants, then acquire the skill of joining vowels and consonants, then short words, longer words and simple sentences. In the second level of the course, the children move into special vowel combinations and a wider range of sentences.

Clear Phonics Sequence
A step-by-step sequence that has been tried and tested by thousands of teachers. 'Songs and Games Phonics' introduces letters, blends, words and then sentences in achievable steps.

Balanced Skills
Listening, speaking, reading, writing and pronunciation. One skill supports the other, leading to deeper learning and retention.

Songs, songs...and more songs! There are 28 memorable songs for memorable learning. Songs for every phonic stage. The children can listen and sing in class, at home, in the car...and be totally immersed in phonics. The 28 songs written for 'Songs and Games Phonics' have been written specifically to engage children and to be used actively in class and at home. Karaoke versions of the songs are also available for download here. Take a listen to samples of the songs on the player below.

The children learn naturally and deeply through playing and playing. There are 14 fun board games for each stage of phonics, and card games to go with the books. Large game boards for classroom use can be downloaded and printed here.
Free Downloadable Support Materials
To support teachers and students using 'Songs and Games Phonics' we've built a huge bank of support materials to use with the course, all for free. You can access large versions of the board games found in the book for easier use in the classroom, a huge range of flash cards (available in large and small sizes) drawing from all the vocabulary and anchor words used throughout the course, wall posters for student support, karaoke versions of the songs from the book's CD and karaoke board games (these are the board games from the book. The vocabulary has been left open, allowing teachers to input new vocabulary). Go to the downloads page here.
Take A Look At The Book
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