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Phonics & Vocabulary
Fun Phonics Reader Book 1 contains 20 beautifully illustrated stories. Additionally, Book 1 contains all phonics from Finding Out 1. 
Stories 1 - 12 contain vowels and consonants only, while stories 13 - 20 contain all double combinations (e.g. ee, sh, ch, oo etc.) covered in Finding Out 1.

Book 1 stories have been written primarily to develop children’s phonic and reading fluency abilities. Language used begins very simply and develops as stories progress. Much of the vocabulary from Finding Out 1 has been incorporated into book 1 stories.

Take a look at the stories in Fun Phonics Readers Book1!
View inside Fun Phonics Readers Book 1 here.

Word Count
61 - 119 words per story.

Word count of stories within Fun Phonics Readers Book 1 begin at 61 words per story and build very gradually to 119 words per story.

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